How could Rasa support personal data protection and management

Chatbots can collect various personal information during conversations. These are in the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and likely similar regulations in other countries. I wonder how Rasa will/could adress this issue, especially if the enforcement of these regulations becomes more common.

Are there plans to develop privacy-components to the pipeline? Or functions to summarize the processing steps in Rasa for the documentation?

Hi @ScienceGuy

You might find this blogpost useful: How to build a GDPR Compliant aI Chatbot or Voice Assistant | Rasa

Thanks, but how would I handle situations where personal data gets “captured” in user utterances? Rasa X stores these if I do not remove the personal data somehow. Example of chitchat:

Bot: Hey what's going on?
User: My neighbor <add real name> bought a new chainsaw and makes me crazy.
Bot: Hm, interesting.

And it is generally difficult to argue why I need that person’s data.