How can we put multiple slot values in a single slot?

I made slots as list in my domain.yml however in database, slots are still holding a single value. I have made buttons which fill the slot, is there any way to fill multiple values? @juste @akelad

HI @heyitsayush. Can you give me an example of the entities you are trying to put into a list slot? Are they both extracted with the same entity label?


  • buttons:
    • payload: /get_tiredamageloc{“tiredamageloc”:“Shoulder”} title: Shoulder
    • payload: /get_tiredamageloc{“tiredamageloc”:“Sidewall”} title: Sidewall
    • payload: /get_tiredamageloc{“tiredamageloc”:“Tread Area”} title: Tread Area
    • payload: /get_tiredamageloc{“tiredamageloc”:“Not Sure of damage location”} title: Not Sure of damage location text: Please select damage location

This is a small part of my domain.yml. The conversation happens to be in loop if we add more tires, so I want “tiredamageloc” to hold multiple values if user has multiple tires with damage. @juste