How can i track just second last intent json response for the user phrase using tracker?


I have a basic query how can i get just second last intent json response for the user phrase. like

U - i want to reset my account password

B- Sure pls provide with employee id

U- my employee id is 123456

Here i want to check the previous intent for the phrase where user entered for resetting the password only single json response. Right now i get 2-3 phrases back json responses on using tracker i just want to limit it on bot server end itself. This might be a basic question but it is bugging alot and will be of great help if this is resolved i am just not getting it. p.s i know i can handle it using my code but i am limiting the code dependency right now so trying to handle everything at my bot end itself!

in this case(form) : you will get the intent which make your form active

you can iterate over tracker.applied_events() and find second previous UserUttered event