How can I set the slot with in the custom policy?

I can get the slot in the custom policy, can I also set the slot with in the custom policy? and will the slot be used to predict action in other policies?

No. Why do you need to write a custom policy?

hey @stephens , I am trying to achieve the following scenario,

Assistant: Hey ABC here, may I know your name?

user: sure, Noman here (at this step I extract the name entity from the openai through custom NLU component, that fills the bot’s name slot. Also if at this point I get the tracker in custom nlu component then I can add the followup action and won’t need the custom policy probably)

Assistant: Hey Noman, nice to meet you(This response will also come from the openai as my custom policy will check if its the start of the conversation and slot name is filled then go get the response from the openai)

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Also is there any way to get the tracker in the custom nlu component. Rasa version I am using = 3.4.4

@stephens any method that I can get the tracker in the custom graph nlu component along with the sender_id from the rasa web chat? Thanks.

I’m not following. I thought you were asking about a custom policy. I suggest you review the source code for the existing NLU components to find one that is closest to your use case.

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