How can I restore the last intent that was asked?

Hi guys, I’m working on a unity 3d game project and I’d like to integrate a chatbot in it. After a lot of researching and recommendations from my collegue I decided to use Rasa. My chatbot will be focusing on game experiece questionnaire. It will appears in some specific stages in the game and users can decide to stop the questionnaire anytime they want, and the next time bot appears will restore the last question that was not answered by the user. Let me put an example to explain it better:

Stage 1 (Bot appears):

  -user greet
  -bot greet, then ask the first question.
  -user answers
   -bot ask question 2
   -user feels tired, and refused to answer

Stage 4 (Bot appears again):

  -user greet
  -bot greet, then ask the question 2.
  -user answers

I really can’t figure out a way to accomplish this, do you guys have any idea?

I really can’t figuere out a way to achieve this, like what technique should I use. I think slots is not for this kind of questionnaire, and either forms… I really apreciate if there are any suggestions that can help me to move on.

The financial-demo bot has examples similar to this. You’ll find stories that handle switching between forms here.