How can I pass more than one entity through slot in one line?

I have a req in which I have to pass 3 entities in a single line like, " Please show data for entity name citi of label".Here citi and label are entities , citi(entity_name) and label(column_value)".User can also change their orders and can enter label in place of citi. I want the system to correctly recognize that. Problem is it does not work and identifies only one slot value to its corresponding entity correctly and leaves the other slot value to none. Here is my nlu file


Its identifies correctly if I pass the same values as above like in the case of Ola and product_Id(Refer the screenshot)! Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 10.52.12 PM|690x175

Can somebody please help me and explain me why is this happening? Also, the exception is the because of something else!


  • colAndEntity
    • slot{“column_value”: “first_name”}
    • slot{“entity_name”: “Gandharv”}
    • utter_data_profilling_reply
    • action_data_profiling
    • slot{“column_value”: “first_name”}
    • slot{“entity_name”: “Gandharv”}

your intent inside stories file should contain entities. Please use interactive learning to create initial stories to see how they work