How about to set early stopping function in rasa training?

I am training the Rasa response selector model, but for the epochs, I am not sure what number to set. I set 100 but the accuracy is 99% at 10 epochs, I have to stop training and set to 10 and retrain OR waiting for the end of training. :joy: :japanese_ogre: This is time-wasting. We can set an early stopping function no matter what users set. This is just a recommendation for improving Rasa, maybe there is already some functions I do not know? :upside_down_face:

Closest thing you can do is set checkpoint_model: True under DIET, TED, or ResponseSelector, which saves the best performing model during training.

It requires evaluate_on_number_of_examples > 0 and evaluate_every_number_of_epochs > 0 .

@chensaics For more details do visit these Github links:

and the one which Chris suggested is this one:

Your recommendation are already considered :slight_smile:

@ChrisRahme @nik202 Thank you for your reply! :handshake:

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@chensaics No worries close this thread with the solution for others.