Host Rasa X behind URI Path

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I installed rasa-x via the helm chart to my k8s cluster and everything works just fine. Now I want to make rasa-x UI available via a specific URI including a path behind the host address.

The initial request is resolving just fine (e.g. But all the scripts and assets are configured to use an absolute URL path (e.g. script src="/bundle.js") Because of that, the request for the ui assets are requesting to the wrong URI (requests to and therefore cannot be found. Unfortunately, hosting rasax directly behind the root of a host domain is not an option.

So first I was looking for the src code of the UI to find out if there are mechanisms i can put in place to give rasa-x UI the instruction to resolve the assets with the full URI (host+path), but could not find the src for the UI. I then applied a “hotfix” on the rasa-x pod. I use sed in an initContainer to delete the leading slash in all resource urls in the index.html. Now the assets are resolving. But unfortunaltey the JS code from the rasa-x UI also uses absolute paths. Now, after the JS is loaded, it redirects me to the login page, but it does it like instead of etc.

Is there a way to make the rasa-x UI behaving correctly behind a path in the domain? Maybe I missed something obvious, still learning this stuff… help greatly appreciated.

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Please refer the below blog. You may have an idea on URIPath.

Please don’t forget to take a look on the videos listed on their playlist.