Hello from Utrecht

Hi All,

My name is Richard, and I’ve just started my Rasa journey.

Since 2017 I’ve been working in the field of privacy and security management (think GDPR, ISO 27001, etc.).

I’ve developed a workshop-based method to help work teams identify information security risks, and establish ownership of those risks within the teams themselves: the Canvas Method for Information Security. This method has been successfully adopted in a number of organisations already.

I’m here to explore the possibilities of using NLU and chatbots for risk identification, and to bring other parts of the risk management process to the workflow.

As I posted elsewhere on this forum, I’m also looking for training material on the following topics:

  • risk management
  • information security
  • privacy
  • business processes.

Please connect with me if you’d like to work together on any of these topics!

(And to save you the trouble of opening Google Maps, Utrecht is in the center of the Netherlands. It’s got canals and a beautiful historical center, like Amsterdam, but without British stag parties and stoned Italians).

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