Having several buttons seperated in RasaX

Hi, I want to place several buttons one below each other. In RasaX I great an utter like this: text: > Hi, please choose between several of our topics: buttons:

  • title:Topic Button 1 payload: test_1
    • title: Topic Button 2 payload: test_2
    • title: Topic Button 3 payload: test_3
    • title: Topic Button 4 payload: test_4
    • title: Topic Button 5 payload: test_5
    • title: Other topic payload: other That looks like this in RasaX: buttons_screen

How can I put one button in one line below each other?

Need urgent help!

Cheers Christian

Thanks for reporting! This is a known bug we’re already working on, you can follow its progress here: Rasa X: Buttons shaped like fish · Issue #4769 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

LOL! Any chance that this will be solved soon? Or any workaround at this moment?

I know right, that issue made my day :laughing:unfortunately I don’t think there’s a workaround inside the Rasa X UI, but it should be fixed soon!