Having error when trying to send a greating massage

im using cohere api key , first i’ve runned rasa init --template tutorial , then i have runned (rasa train) ,finally rasa inspect , on (http://localhost:5005/webhooks/inspector/inspect.html) when i try to send a massage the it replay with the massage shown above and on the terminal this error appears:

ERROR rasa.dialogue_understanding.generator.flow_retrieval - [error ] Cannot fetch flows from vector store error=CohereError(message=Unexpected exception (TypeError): ‘NoneType’ object is not callable) error_type=CohereError event_key=flow_retrieval.query_vector_store.error query=hi

please help ASAP :kissing_heart:

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I am having the same issue

I am having a similar issue. I want to make the LLM respond to chitchat and change the pattern_chitchat action to utter_free_chitchat_response. But the assistant answered me “placeholder_this_utterance_needs_the_rephraser” which is from default utter_free_chitchat_response.

Please help guide how to make LLM respond chitchat, thanks :kissing_heart: