Hangman game

Iā€™m very new to Rasa and in the process of moving our current menu/command driven bot to the Rasa stack.

Our current bot has an easter egg where you can play a game of hangman and my colleague jokingly asked if it will be included in the new bot ā€¦ well challenge accepted ā€¦

I tried to keep it simple with only a single custom FormAction and two slots.

Thought maybe someone else will find it interesting. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the example, Johannes.

What license are you publishing this under (if any?)

no license :slight_smile: can be used for what ever.

The repo is also an example of how to run Rasa in the Docker containers and configure them together. Although it is basically copy and paste from the Rasa documentation. I must say Rasa have some awesome documentation!

Hey @dadecoza. This is super cool! Thank you so much for sharing! :slight_smile: