Handling reponse utter with placeholder

I want to utter response with placeholder for slots, but if the slots are not filled, I don’t want to print None, Is there some way to handle ths?

You can either:

  • Do that in a custom action
  • Create another utterance and in stories/rules, use this one if the slot has not been filled

right custom actions will work, but i would have to write custom action for everything. I am not sure how to make another utterance in stories/rules, because i wouldn’t know if the slot is filled or not

use case: If the user have specified their name somewhere in the conversation, then i would have to great them every time with their name, or else just great message

There’s actually a newer feature that should help with this: conditional responses. You can use it to write two different responses at the same place in the conversation depending on if a slot has been set.


Omg! So ashamed of myself I forgot about this :joy: