Handling files and/or media on telegram custom channel

Hi Rasa team and community, this project is absolutely fantastic. Keep up the good work!

I am trying to accept file and/or media via telegram custom channel but not sure how to make it work. I am not a developer but have managed to setup Rasa x with Docker on VPS (thanks to Rasa docs and Rasa youtube channel). Here is my setup:

  • Rasa x,
  • Action server,
  • Back-end server with database to handle business logic and store data


  1. Do i need a custom telegram channel to accept telegram metadata and handle files and/or other media?. My use cases: Accept documents, voice message and may be video at some point Need telegram user metadata including user id, user name and others

  2. I have setup custom input channel as per this post and tried to follow this one but couldn’t get very far. I am looking for some help with how to accept files on custom input channel and how to use it on action server. If anyone has the code snippet please share

my custom telegram file:

class TelegramInputChannel(TelegramInput):
def get_metadata(self, request):
    return metadata

Thanks in advance!