Greedy intent?

Lets say I have the following story :

## story1
* something
 - ask_question
* answer
 - process_answer

Now the problem is that the answer could not be captured by intents as they are … it could be anything.

/but I’m OK with not been able to get out of it going directly to “process_answer” after that i.e. no chitchat or other branching i.e. for the time being no other way out of the loop/
Said otherwise :

  if ask_question then 
     answer followed by process_answer : score=1.0

How can I make it so whatever happens in “answer” is saved in a slot and available to “process_answer” ?

Hello @sten ,

It seems you can use a FormAction here to capture the answer. Once the answer is captured, you can call process_action.

# story1
* something
 - ask_question
 - answer_formaction
 - form{"name": "answer_formaction"}
 - form{"name": "null"}
 - process_answer

hmm … thanks will try it … i just happen to be reading the tutorial on FORMS :wink:

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