Go back to previous filled slot in form action

Hi all, was wondering if I have a form action, how do I go back to the previous requested slot and have utter_ask_slot_name repeat itself again. So let’s say I have 4 slots. I am currently in the second slot. I realise that I want to change my answer for the first slot:

User: Hi
Bot: Select what you would like to do. 1. Book restaurant 2. View booking
User: 1
Bot: Please provide your name
User: Sorry I would like to go back and change my answer.
Bot: Sure! ( Not achievable )
Bot: Select what you would like to do. 1. Book restaurant 2. View booking (Not achievable )
User: 2

Currently, I am able to go back before hand and choose option 2, but how do I utter_template as well as display the request slot message? Not achievable means that I want this two actions to happen from the bot but I did not manage to make it happen. Thanks!

Hi @enzechua! Perhaps one of these would be helpful:

Hi @tyd thanks for replying, I am using a form action to do this. But what I am currently looking for is when the user types /back, I would want to output a message, as well as have the bot to display the previous slot question. I know that resetting slots would help to display the question again but in this case, I have view the conversations and it didn’t work.

* greet: Hi // When the user first say Hi # Action1
    - action_verify_user
    - slot{"valid_user": "Yes"}
    - slot{"name": "Enze"}
    - introduction_form
    - form{"name": "introduction_form"}
    - slot{"requested_slot": "command"}
* form: inform: 1  // User chooses to book a flight # Action 2
    - form: introduction_form
    - slot{"command": "Book_A_Flight"}
    - form{"name": null}
    - slot{"requested_slot": null}
    - flight_form
    - form{"name": "flight_form"}
    - slot{"requested_slot": "flight_timing"}

When user type /back, “Action2” would be gone from the conversation (which is correct) and I am expecting the requested_slot: command to have the question ask again which in this case did not happen.

Hi @enzechua,

Have a look at this answer: How to repeat the way say the last bot

I haven’t really tested this out yet but have been meaning to. Let me know if it works.

Hope that helps.

Hi @lahsuk thanks for the reply ! I will test it out later. Looks good but it’s hard to predict the number of events since I don’t know how many times the user will press /back. But will let you know of the results!