Getting in touch with Rasa Enterprise team

How can my team get in touch with the enterprise team of Rasa inc? Anyway via email, or phone, or some other means? This is regarding the chatbot based on Rasa that we’re building for the company.

If you go to, you will see a “Talk to our sales team” button which lets you fill a form that gets sent to [email protected].

Any other way to contact the sales team? We tried to email 3 times before, but got no response.

Only way I know of, sorry.

I will tag @Juste

Hey @actorkrishna. The general process is to get to our Enterprise team through the website. However, for this specific case you can shoot an email to Mary ( [email protected]) who works in Sales Development at Rasa and will be happy to help you out with anything :slight_smile:


Hi Juste, thank you for the information. My team has already got the reply and started working with the enterprise team of Rasa :grinning:.