Getting Error when i am trained rasa

When I trained my project using “rasa train” command i get the error is

Exception:Failed to find component class for ‘ner_duckling’. Unknown component name. Check your configured pipeline and make sure the mentioned component is not misspelled. If you are creating your own component, make sure it is either listed as part of the component_classes in or is a proper name of a class in a module.

This is my config file

language: en
- name: SpacyNLP
- name: SpacyTokenizer
- name: CRFEntityExtractor
- name: SpacyFeaturizer
- name: SklearnIntentClassifier
- dimensions:
  - number

  name: ner_duckling
- batch_size: 50
  epochs: 200
  max_training_samples: 300
  name: KerasPolicy
- fallback_action_name: action_default_fallback
  name: FallbackPolicy
- max_history: 5
  name: MemoizationPolicy
- name: FormPolicy
- name: MappingPolicy

What is meaning of this error and how to solve this

Thank you

@Bunny99 looks like you’re using the wrong name of the extractor – instead of ner_duckling you want DucklingHTTPExtractor. This is the new component name style that matches your other components.

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Thank you @erohmensing .Now its working .But i get the another error after deploying in cloud.It’s in not finding locations from where i am the error is ::

events = action(dispatcher, tracker, domain)

File “/home/arghya/rasa_test/data/place_finder/”, line 34, in run

origin_lat = get_origin[‘location’][‘lat’]

KeyError: ‘location’

This just looks like a normal error in your python actions code that I can’t really help with. I assume that get_origin is not a dictionary with the key location in it.

Ok .Thank you for responding.I will take care of it.:blush: