Get Rasa response from HTTP API

Hi All,

I am planning to create a testing tool which can automate the rasa bot testing. I saw the HTTP API which is exposed and can be used to get the response from UI. I am using postman and wanted to know how can i send a request to the bot and get the response.

If i use https://localhost:5005/model/parse
payload - {
  "text": "Hello, I am Rasa! ",
  "message_id": "b2831e73-1407-4ba0-a861-0f30a42a2a5a"

I am getting nlu info only image

I want to get the actual response given by rasa instead of intent information?

@ akelad could you please help me?

I think you want the webhook url - http://localhost:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook

The only reason I think this is because I setup the Botium ( testing framework and it does what you’re trying to do. It interacts directly with your bot and runs through test cases.

I’m not sure how to interact with this hook with postman though.

@jonathanpwheat thank you this helps i am able to get the answer through this webhook url.

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You’re welcome, glad to be able to help out. Good luck with your project.