Get button responses from db while using a form

Going through the tutorial, you can use button responses by defining them in the template or in an action class by using utter_button_message(). In my scenario, I have a form called form_customer_details. It has slots customerId and customerDob. I want utter_ask_customerId to set button response(list of customerIDs) from a database not hardcode it in the template.

in a form action you can use utter_button_mesage and fill it with buttons from your database

utter_button_mesage can be used in the submit function. But how do I use it for utter_ask_customerId to fill the slot customerId. Is there anyway of overriding utter_ask_customerId to make it display buttons(from the db)?

yes you can override request_next_slot method: rasa-sdk/ at b18f088446e405608b74193e84c0d82ddfe6af47 · RasaHQ/rasa-sdk · GitHub