FormsAction Last Slot is extracted but not reflected

Hi, In FormsAction, looks like, there is a bug. I have multiple Slots to be filled using FormsAction. All the slot values are correctly extracted. But the last Slot is still not shown when I print the slot values. Can you please check?

could you please add more details, so that we could reproduce the issue. formbot seems to be working fine

Hi @satishavhad and @Ghostvv .

I’m also having the same issue as @satishavhad

I’ve used formbot example as a reference.

In my case I can see on Rasa X the last slot is being properly filled/captured however the value is not being displayed when I utter the values for confirmation. I get None as a result.

Can you give some help?

Thanks in advance

Could you please add more details? maybe post the logs here

ok I had the same problem and solved this by not calling dispatcher.utter_template on the submit function. I wrote the template in the stories and it worked