Forms not working

Hi! I wanted to store some of the intent that the user is replying to and using them in custom actions, but the bot is unable to identify the first intent itself (what_nlp)ss1ss2

hi @RDS could you please post the full error stacktrace and specify which CLI command you used? It would also be helpful to see your full domain.yml file - I couldn’t see if you have slots defined in domain?

Hello @anca Sorry for the late reply, So below is my domain file and the rasa shell --debug result, after utter_ask_answer_1, it is predicting wrong intent.

Hi @RDS I must confess it’s slightly tricky to debug only by using screenshots instead of actual yml files. A few initial observations that could help us move forward:

  1. Which rasa version are you using: unfeaturized slot in the format you’re using has been deprecated in >v2.0. Here is the migration guide.
  2. In the responses buttons, payload should be of the format /intent{"entity_type":"entity_value"}. At the moment, you only have the intent specified, so I would rewrite for example into /what_nlp{"answer_1":"Natural"} and so on for each specific payload. More info can be found here: Responses
  3. In your debug screenshot, what i understand is that the predicted bot action is incorrect after user intent “what_nlp”, because the bot responsed with “utter_my_name” action? Is that the correct interpretation? I also see no extracted entities with the user intent, so maybe solving point 2 would be helpful here?
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Hi @anca, It worked with the payload suggestion of yours as it’s now storing the slot’s value correctly. Thanks for the help!