Forms and ActionExecutionRejected

Hi, I’m confused…the documentation on suggests that when working with forms, the bot should confirm if we want to continue:

Here the user asked to stop the form, and the bot asks the user whether they’re sure they don’t want to continue.

This isn’t the behavior I’m noticing with rasa-core 12.3 and rasa-core-sdk 12.1. Instead ActionExecutionRejection is being raised, which gives an error:

Failed to run custom action 'action_card_issue'. Action server responded with a non 200 status code of 500.

It seems like ActionExecutionRejected should be returned? Or am I just supposed to ignore the error and let a different policy take over?

the bot behavior described in Interactive Learning is a custom behavior of formbot example.

yes, you should ignore it. This error is specifically raised to let rasa_core know that it should ignore this action prediction and try another policy