Formbot not working correctly?

Hi!, I am trying to create a chatbot and wanted to use Forms. I followed the Building contextual assistants with Rasa Forms guide and did my own formbot. However, the bot did not started the form succesfully, it just jumped to the next action. I guessed that I was doing something wrong and then proceeded to download the “original” formbot given in the Building contextual assistants with Rasa Forms guide. I trained it, and when I tried to run it I had the same problem

I think I am missing something, but I am not sure what. If somebody could help me I will be truly grateful

Hi @cheloveco. I will investingate the tutorial and get back to you. In a meantime, can you confirm that successsfully run duckling server and don’t get any issues there? Also, do you get the same behaviour if you test the assistant no in a interactive learning?

Hi! Thanks for your response, I realized that I had to run the actions! :sweat: My bad!

Everything works fine!

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@cheloveco Awesome! Glad to hear it all works :slight_smile: