Form with a generic validate and action ask


I’m using rasa open source 2.6.0 (rasa-sdk 2.6.0), and I’m wondering if it is posible to create an advanced dynamic form, like this, with only a validate function and an action function for deliver all the slots utters.

I have read this doc and for add a new slot in a form, I have to create a validate function and and action ask function (or simply an utter), so I would like to have only two generic functions, one for validate all slots and other for deliver all slots utters .


@tomimartin01 Hi. Firstly, I will recommend changing the rasa open source to 2.6.2 check this Compatibility Matrix , else later it will give you a nightmare’s.

@tomimartin01 Secondly, for your use case please visit these video’s → and for the generic idea.

@tomimartin01 For validation of forms →

@tomimartin01 Sorry :frowning: I pasted wrong Link, so now you have 3 video’s :stuck_out_tongue: If you already seen this, then me having bad day :frowning:

Hi @nik202 ,

Firstly, thanks for the recommendaton, I will update rasa open source.

Secondly, you add me the hiperlink of the Rasa docs, which I have already read, there is no video. Maybe you make a mistake with the hiperlink.

I haven’t seen the last video, so thanks !! :grimacing: :grimacing:

@tomimartin01 I wish it will solve your issue.

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