Form policy? how to does the bot ask questions

Community friends, In Episode 8 of the Rasa Masterclass, Juste introduces FormPolicy, which is perfect for my virtual assistant, but I have one important question: how does the bot know what to say and when to ask for the missing information. After cloning the repo and testing Juste’s hospital search a little, I notice it asks, “What is your current city?” - utter_ask_location from domain.yml - but this “utter” does not appear in the stories nor does it appear in any of the functions. In my case, I have five entities I need to extract. I want to know if I can have my assistant ask for each of entity until they all are filled, and pick up some entities, such as “name”, if the user mentions them without being prompted. Loving rasa! Bub

I found the answer in this blog post:

“1. The names of the templates which will be used to ask for the missing required slots should follow the format utter_ask_{slotname} . This is important for FormAction to know which template to use for which slot.”