Form Multiple Selection

Hello all!

Is there a way in a Form for a multiple selection? In a questionnaire typically there are also multi response answers where one can choose more than one of the items of a list, e.g. I could select the buttons with colours red and blue but not orange.

Please let me know if this is possible Martin

As far as I know that is currently not possible. But might be a good addition. @erohmensing @tyd What do you think?

I have been working for many years in a market science company and there typically every second question is of type multi response answers. So in order to use Rasa this is definitely a crucial feature.

Hm, I think this is possible, but I believe it would have to be the front-end that implements this functionality. If you had a front-end that allowed you to choose multiple and then “submit”, it could send the required information. The blocker here is really the front-end knowing either when the user is done giving input (hence the submit button) or handling that information in multiple requests.

If the button determines the intent, then it determines where the conversation should go next. How do you imagine the conversation continuing when there are multiple intents because multiple buttons have been selected @mdiermaier? I think a traditional web form might be better for this use case

But could it work to have the buttons defined as entities? I think the conversation is defined in the actions right?

@mdiermaier Yes, you are right! I misunderstood why you wanted to use buttons. In that case, I think @erohmensing is correct. Rasa expects it to come as one request, so you would need to build/find a frontend that lets you send multiple entities together