Flow builder

Hi everyone. I have created simple weather-bot with the help of online tutorial. it’s working at the console level. Everything was created using files and code that was provided in the tutorial. But I want to know if RASA Stack has a flowbuilder support. So I can make the flow with ease.

Hello @prashant_kamble. Sorry for such a later response. Rasa doesn’t come with a flowbuilder support. One alternative you have is to use Botsociety which allows you to build simple conversation and the export it in a Rasa format. We did a livestream on this feature which you can find here:

It’s okay no problem at all . Thanks for providing an alternative I will look into that.


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Hi @Juste I used Botsociety as flowbuilder alternative but is there any opensource alternative for that?

Please give your thoughts.


Prashant Kamble