Filling slots at bot's startup

Hello everyone

I would like to fill some slots with values (from any source) but before the user prompt any intent. That is, the objective is to inform the user of the values I previously loaded. An example would be: “Hello, I’m Company X’s assistant and I would like to confirm your reservation. I have for {user_name} the master suite on {booking_date} …”

Is there an example on GitHub?

Any additional documentation besides

Thanks in advance

Hi! You can customize ActionSessionStart to set the necessary slots at the beginning of the conversation.

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Aside from documentation, there is also the Rasa Masterclass. In addition, we have some examples on github, this is a good example for what you are trying to do.

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Hi @fkoerner

How about setting the initial_value parameter for the respective slot ? Will this work in this scenario ?

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Hi @siriusraja!

initial_value is set for a specific slot in the domain file. It will set the slot’s initial value for any instance of the slot.

It sounds like @wvalverde67 wants to set user-specific values (meaning: different for each user/instance of the slot), whereas initial_value is the same for that slot for any conversation. Does that make sense?

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Thanks for the clarification @fkoerner. that makes sense.

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Exactly!!!. I really appreciate your help. I’m a real beginner.


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