Filling slot with two same entity type

Hi, slots seem like a dict in tracker. So,if I have a message with two same entity type like: “Which is more interesting? lol(game_name) or pubg(game_name), the slot will be filled with latter one ,e.g. {game_name:pubg}.

How can I get two game name at the same time ? I know I can use last_message to get entities,but it’s not an ideal method.

Expecially, if user ask robot to recommend a game and I use FormPolicy for request some attribute of the game from user , user may provide game_type properties like:

‘RGP (game_type),shooting(game_type),muitiplayer(game_tpe)…’

because I use FormPolicy, so I can’t define game_type slot as list :fearful:.

I can’t get these game_type simultaneously

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why can’t you define game_type slot as a list?

Maybe I should try :thinking:

I read doc about Form,and it describes like these:

If I define game_type as a list,I afriad the From not works,which means the robot will not ask me about game_type if don’t provide them.

actually form extract logic is independent of slot type, so if a list of values was extracted for an entity then the slot should be filled with a list

ok,thanks for you help ,I will modify my code.

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