Failed to validate yaml file on Rasa deployed using quick install script

I successfully connected my GitHub repository (containing code migrated to 2.0 format) to rasa X 0.33.0 (stable) but couldn’t find any data inside Rasa X UI. Upon checking logs of rasa x, found the following error:

rasa.core.domain.InvalidDomain: Failed to validate YAML file. Please make sure the file is correct and all mandatory parameters are specified; to do so, take a look at the errors logged during validation previous to this exception.

Models get trained successfully locally without any error. Also, I validated all .yml files on

Also, inside Rasa X UI I get the following message

Update to Rasa X 0.33.0 You are running Rasa X 0.32.2. Upgrade to the latest available version.

On running curl inside my VM, the following message is shown:

{“rasa”:{“production”:“1.10.10”,“worker”:“1.10.10”},“rasa-x”:“0.32.2”,“updates”:{“rasa-x”:{“version”:“0.33.0”,“changelog_url”:“Rasa X Changelog”}}

So, has rasa X been successfully upgraded or not?

Install script does not seem to install the latest version; also not if you specify the RASA_X_VERSION env with 0.33.0

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should work now

Yeah! Now model training on rasa X keeps failing. This release of rasa X still contains bugs IMO.

Hey @gaushh

Now model training on rasa X keeps failing

Sorry to hear that! Could you please attach logs?

Thanks @degiz for the prompt response. The issue got sorted out automagically on reinstalling rasa.

Now, I’m facing another issue similar to this:

Hey @gaushh

It’s a known issue, we’re working on a fix! Stay tuned!

Thanks @degiz. Now, it seems to be working fine. I believe the issue has been fixed.