Failed to register package 'actions'. in RASA 2.0

Hello, I’m getting error while running the rasa action server as “rasa_sdk.executor - Failed to register package ‘actions’.” Yo can see my folder structure and error in the Screenshots. and also I’m sharing the my rasa action file please have a (1.6 KB)

Hi, based on the line "No module named database_connectivity", it looks like your is not able to find the file database_connectivity and the method you tried to import from it. A few things to try:

Are and in the same directory? If they are, it might be an issue with where you’re launching the script from. You could try relative imports

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hi @fkoerner yes both the and in the same directory image

IS that the issue? I thought it easier to import by action file if I place both the file in the same directory

No, this is fine, it is easier if they’re in the same folder. However, in your case actions aren’t being called from within the folder. Try this:

from .database_connectivity import DataUpdate

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hi @fkoerner, Thank you as per your suggestion I try relative imports and it’s working for me. That was the one issue. :slightly_smiling_face: