Failed to find custom component during train (Rasa X CE)

I followed each step of Deploy to a Server and everything seems to be ok. Then, I used Rasa X HTTP API Documentation to add my nlu data, stories, domain, and config. But I couldn’t train a model because my config file contains a custom component named datetime_parser.

In my local, I placed next to config.yml but there is no config.yml file inside any of my containers. I tried to send file to /app folder of rasa-x, rasa-production and rasa-worker containers but nothing changed and I still have this error. What should I do now?



Error:, Internal Server Error, body='b'{"version":"1.4.3","status":"failure","message":"An unexpected error occurred during training. Error: Failed to find module \'datetime_parser\'. \\nNo module named \'regex\'","reason":"TrainingError","details":{},"help":null,"code":500}''

Config file:

language: fa


- name: WhitespaceTokenizer

- name: CRFEntityExtractor

- name: EntitySynonymMapper

- name: CountVectorsFeaturizer

- name: EmbeddingIntentClassifier

- name: datetime_parser.ParserComponent


- name: KerasPolicy

- name: MemoizationPolicy

- name: FallbackPolicy

nlu_threshold: 0.3

core_threshold: 0.3

fallback_action_name: utter_not_clear_query

- name: FormPolicy

- name: MappingPolicy

Hey @mac_71128, it looks like your file is trying to import a regex module, which should actually be re. Would you mind double-checking that?

Hi @fede. I fixed the regex problem but I still have datetime_parser error.