Failed to extract slot service_type with action action_collect_data

I am trying to fill the slot using FormAction. But i am getting above error. (2.4 KB) (724 Bytes) domain.yml (1.6 KB) (1.6 KB) config.yml (301 Bytes)

This typically means that you need to add the slot to a slot_mappings function in I don’t see that you have that present, so this is probably the issue.

Add something like this to your CollectRequiredData(FormAction) class

    def slot_mappings(self) -> Dict[Text, Union[Dict, List[Dict]]]:
        return {
                     "service_type": self.from_text(intent=None),
                     "location": self.from_text(intent=None),

BTW, thanks for posting your files, it helped me take a look to see what was wrong :slight_smile: