Failed to extract slot name with action bank_form

Facing issue with extraction of value entered in the slot defined for a formAction

Hi @pudasainishushant. To help out, I’ll need more details about your domain, formaction, nlu data. Could you share them here?

Thank you @Juste for replying. Here is the link to my code shus rulz / banking_rasa_chatbot · GitLab

Hey @pudasainishushant. Does it work if instead of providing the name as a one-word input you say something like ''Register my account as …?" I suspect the NLU model simply fails to classify this one-word input as a register_account intent and therefore the form fails. You could try to solve it by adding such one-word input examples to register_account intent or create a separate intent, for example inform where you could provide such inputs or even use a lookup table to match the names as it’s a difficult challenge for NLU models to properly extract such one-word inputs as entities since there are no surrounding words to learn the patterns from.

Solved, thanks for your support. However, I am stuck in an issue integrating this rasa chatbot with facebook messenger. Could you please help me on this. I had psoted an issue (link :: Problem connecting rasa chatbot with facebook messenger · Issue #4103 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub) but I am not being able to get help from there. Highly appreciate your support .