Facebook Generic Template/Card Carousel

This card carousel code is working, however when I press the button “See Menu” I would like the code to store the restaurant name in the slot. So far that has not worked.

I get this error:

UserWarning: Failed to parse arguments in line ‘/ask_chosen_restaurant_name_en{“chosen_restaurant_name_en”:restaurant_details_en[0]}’. Failed to decode parameters as a json object. Make sure the intent is followed by a proper json object. Error: Expecting value: line 1 column 30 (char 29) More info at Stories

This is the code please let me know what the error is, I have been trying for the past week and still no result.

Action file:

  gt = {
  "attachment": {
  "type": "template",
  "payload": {
  "template_type": "generic",
  "elements": [

  for restaurant_details_en in all_restaurant_details_en:
       dict_card = {}
       dict_card['title'] = restaurant_details_en[0] ##restaurant name
       dict_card['image_url'] = restaurant_details_en[1]  ##restaurant image
       dict_card['subtitle'] = city_loc_en + ", "+ restaurant_details_en[3] + ", "+ restaurant_details_en[4] + "\nRating: " + restaurant_details_en[8]  ## First part shows the entire address and second part shows the rating
       dict_card['default_action'] = {}
       dict_card['default_action']['type'] = 'web_url'
       dict_card['default_action']['url'] = restaurant_details_en[11] ## restaurant facebook URL
       dict_card['default_action']['webview_height_ratio'] = 'tall'
       dict_card['buttons'] = []
       dict_card['buttons'][0]['type'] = 'postback'
       dict_card['buttons'][0]['payload'] = '/ask_chosen_restaurant_name_en{"chosen_restaurant_name_en":restaurant_details_en[0]}' ## WHEN BUTTON IS PRESSED STORE RESTAURANT NAME TO SLOT
       dict_card['buttons'][0]['title'] = 'See menu'   
       dict_card['buttons'][1]['type'] = 'web_url'
       dict_card['buttons'][1]['url'] = restaurant_details_en[11] ## Restaurant location using google maps 
       dict_card['buttons'][1]['title'] = 'Open Location'   

NLU File:

The line in the action file that does not produce an output is:

       dict_card['buttons'][0]['payload'] = '/ask_chosen_restaurant_name_en{"chosen_restaurant_name_en":restaurant_details_en[0]}' ## WHEN BUTTON IS PRESSED STORE RESTAURANT NAME TO SLOT

Please help me out I am pressed for time!!

It worked turns out the issue was with my story. If anyone has a similar problem feel free to ask me.