Extract multiple entities from one user sentence

HI All, I am trying to make a demo project, which involves searching for an entity from searchbar. So the search statement can contain 2 entities :

  1. The page type to search in.
  2. The particular entity i have to search in that page.

So i have following training data :
show [clients](page:Client) [sampleName](clientName)

open [clients](page:Client) [sampleName](clientName)

and variations of it like display,load,take me to and so on.

Now my question is how can i provide these training data from where it can extract 2 entities ? Also the clientName can be any user defined name, so it can have infinitely many ways to be filled in.

HI @surajhes. Happy to help. Could you provide me an unlabelled input sentence so I can understand better what you are trying to achieve?

HI Juste, So lets say i have a Webpage named Clients.

Now i will invoke to load this page from query like load clients/show clients/show all clients and so on. So in this case, its basically loading the list of all clients (paginated to display 10/20 per page). Now lets say i want to open a particular client like i can say load client xyz. Now xyz is name of the client and what i intent to do is, it should navigate to properties of this client.So i need to extract the name of the client. So this name can be any combination with or without correct meaning. How do i extract these names?Also, like clients page, we can have various pages like jobs, users etc. Same logic applies to them as well.

Did you get solution for multiple entity from one sentance