Extract metadata in Callback Channel

Hello rasa fans!

I have a customized channel that works like the callback channel. I needed to customize it so I could extract metadata from the user message.

I tried to create a custom Chanel based on Callback input with the extract_metadata method. However is not working, Can you help me:

This is my InputChannel:

class Cisco360Input(RestInput):


def name(cls) -> Text:

    return "cisco360"


def from_credentials(cls, credentials: Optional[Dict[Text, Any]]) -> InputChannel:

    return cls(EndpointConfig.from_dict(credentials))

def __init__(self, endpoint: EndpointConfig) -> None:

    self.callback_endpoint = endpoint

def blueprint(

    self, on_new_message: Callable[[UserMessage], Awaitable[Any]]

) -> Blueprint:

    callback_webhook = Blueprint("callback_webhook", __name__)

    @callback_webhook.route("/", methods=["GET"])

    async def health(_: Request) -> HTTPResponse:

        return response.json({"status": "ok"})

    @callback_webhook.route("/webhook", methods=["POST"])

    async def webhook(request: Request) -> HTTPResponse:

        sender_id = await self._extract_sender(request)

        text = self._extract_message(request)

        metadata = self._extract_metadata(request)  # method to get metadata

        collector = self.get_output_channel()

        await on_new_message(

            UserMessage(text, collector, sender_id, input_channel=self.name(), metadata=metadata)


        return response.text("success")

    return callback_webhook

def get_output_channel(self) -> CollectingOutputChannel:

    return Cisco360Output(self.callback_endpoint)

def _extract_metadata(self, req: Request) -> Optional[Text]:

    self.custom_metadata = req.json.get("metadata", {})

    return req.json.get("metadata", None)

Hi @DC1991Lau . Can you share the error log of where things go wrong?

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