Extract DucklingEntityExtractor additional information (currency) into a slot


I use the DucklingEntityExtractor for extracting money amount statements, and struggling with extracting the currency into a slot.

Duckling pipeline definition:

   - name: DucklingEntityExtractor
     url: http://localhost:8000
       - amount-of-money
      - nl_NL
      - en_US

amount-of-money entity contains the following information:

[{'start': 0, 'end': 7, 'text': '€444.44', 'value': 444.44, 'confidence': 1.0, 'additional_info': {'value': 444.44, 'type': 'value', 'unit': 'EUR'}, 'entity': 'amount-of-money', 'extractor': 'DucklingEntityExtractor'}]

I’ve extracted it by running the following command:


I write the amount-of-money entity into a slot, using the following slot definition:

    type: any
      - type: from_entity
        entity: amount-of-money

As you can see, the currency is properly detected and stored in ['additional info']['unit'].
My question is how can I extract the currency into a slot? What is the most recommended way? Is there a native way of doing it, without having to use a custom action?

No, you need a custom action for this.