Event broker with custom tracker store


We have a custom tracker store and we want to use the event broker. However, we have found that custom tracker stores do not receive event broker in the constructor method. Would it be possible to evolve Rasa to pass the event broker to the custom tracker store?

We found this situation in the method find_tracker_store of the TrackerStore class (tracker_store.py).

Hey @alessandrarequena, in the find_tracker_store method of TrackerStore, an event_broker variable is passed to the tracker store as a positional parameter, in this case the third value (link to the code). This value is eventually used to initialize the tracker store, it is passed to it as a event_broker named parameter. Please let me know if this information was useful. Thanks!

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This scenario occurs in Rasa 1.2.7 like Alessandra described, I just upgraded to 1.4.1 and found this update as you said. Thank you!

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