Error while testing the assistant by comparing NLU Pipelines

I want to compare the NLU pipelines when testing the bot. Once i execute the following command

Comparing NLU Pipelines

rasa test nlu --config pretrained_embeddings_spacy.yml supervised_embeddings.yml --nlu data/ --runs 3 --percentages 0 25 50 70 90

It shows the below error

Please give me a solution for this.

You’re getting this error because you’re trying to compare two configuration files and at least one of them (pretrained_embeddings_spacy.yml) does not exist in your current directory. If you’re not interested in comparing those two config files, the “–config pretrained_embeddings_spacy.yml supervised_embeddings.yml” bit can just be dropped.

You can find the most recent docs for rasa test here (Command Line Interface). (It looks like this example might have come from an older version of the docs. :))

@rctatman Thank you. But I want to compare the accuracy of using those two. How to do it?

Make sure you’re in the right directory & that both those files exist. (You can use ls to see if the files are in your current working directory.)

they are not existing in my directory. How can I fix it? any way to download them manually?