Error while returning dictionary as slot value (want to return multiple values in slot)


I have created custom action and making an API call in it and want to return multiple values.I have created a dict and populated it with the values i want to return.When i am trying to return it - i am getting the below error.

‘dict’ object has no attribute ‘split’


slots: . . matches: type: unfeaturized

Populating recipe as dict to and populating it with values to return back to user

    recipe['recipeurl'] = r2['source']['sourceRecipeUrl']
    recipe['numberOfServings'] = r2['numberOfServings']
    recipe['ingredient'] = r2['ingredientLines']
    recipe['totalTime'] = r2['totalTimeInSeconds']
    recipe['imageurl'] = r2['images'][0]['hostedLargeUrl']
    return [SlotSet("matches", recipe)]

Basically i want to output multiple values back to user.Would be helpful if somebody can point out how to achieve the same.


Please post the full error trace


Here is the full trace of the error…Thanks,

ah i think you have to store it as a string rather than a dict