Error in config file

I don’t why i am getting this error when i am adding max_history in config file in keras policy.

Also is the code in image correct to insert the max_history in config file

hey @ayushgit2498, the error is in your indentation of the featurizer of KerasPolicy

it should be like this:

  - name: "KerasPolicy"
    - name: MaxHistoryTrackerFeaturizer
      max_history: 5
        - name: BinarySingleStateFeaturizer
  - name: "MemoizationPolicy"
    max_history: 5
  - name: "FallbackPolicy"
    nlu_threshold: 0.4
    core_threshold: 0.3

Let me know if this helps you :slight_smile:

@JiteshGaikwad Thank you so much for the solution, it worked.

Hey @ayushgit2498, glad that it worked :blush:

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@JiteshGaikwad Can i ask you for one more favor ? Actually i am facing error in rasa . The error is that in my stories the intent are getting recognized but it is not predicting the next action in story. I have tried to increase max_history to 10 but it was of no help. Is there any other solution?

Can u share ur stories and nlu data of possibile some where in ur git repo or here?

Can you give me your e-mail id?

@ayushgit2498, you connect with me over linkedin: