Entities and intent classification


Are entities used in any way during the intent classification process (tensorflow or sklearn) ?

For example, if you put date entities in every example for an appointment intention, will it influence the intent classification ?

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Hey Pierre, no they won’t affect intent classification at all - the two are completely independent of each other. But of course if this intent has more date “words” in it, that will make those kinds of sentences be more likely to be classified as that intent. Does that make sense?

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Perfect ! That’s understood.

@akelad one thing is still not clear for me: If Intent and Entity matching are separate (that is clear), don’t entity exampe values/synonyms not appearing in intent training phrases have any effect on certain intent being matched?

If that would be true, and an entity had 100 example values, it would mean we should include them all in intent training phrases AND in different variations, to make it work really accurate.