Enter_data is an intent?

Hi all

I am currently studying RasaDemo, and I discover something that is quite a shock to me. :smiley:

## newsletter + affirm feedback
* greet
    - action_greet_user
* signup_newsletter
    - utter_great
    - utter_ask_email
* enter_data{"email": "maxmeier@firma.de"} OR enter_data{"number":"1"}
    - action_store_email
    - slot{"email": "maxmeier@firma.de"}
- action_subscribe_newsletter
    - slot{"subscribed": true}
    - utter_awesome
    - utter_confirmationemail
    - utter_docu
    - utter_ask_feedback
* affirm
    - utter_thumbsup
    - utter_anything_else

As you can see, enter_data is an intent. And actually in the NLU dataset, there is also a list of utterance/string that represent enter_data.

However, are there any other way to do so? If I am not in an English speaking country, how do I define an intent enter_data? In other words, enter_data is an intent that is TOO BOARD !

Are there any other way that developer can grab user input explicitly, rather than using machine learning to determine if it is an enter_data?

Thank you.