Encrypt traffic with action server

Hello community :slight_smile:

Huge thanks to the Rasa Team for the amazing work! I’m in a small team using rasa since April 2019.

We are now developing a new rasa chatbot, which will handle sensitive user info. After having searched around in the forum, I still haven’t found if there is a way to encrypt traffic between Rasa and Rasa Actions Server (without setting up a reverse proxy). Has anyone dealt with this problem before?

As mentioned here, rasa itself should not provide ssl. However, we have managed to encrypt traffic from the client to the rasa host (port 5005), using --ssl-keyfile rasa.key and --ssl-certficate rasa.cert cli options. Also, as of version 1.3.9, there is support for a Certificate Authority file, which I presume (possibly wrongly) could be used to Certify the Validity of the Action Server’s certificate (loaded using the aforementioned cli options at launch-time).

Any input/idea/recommendation welcome!

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You can run the action server on ssl as well, see rasa-sdk/CHANGELOG.rst at master · RasaHQ/rasa-sdk · GitHub