Duckling entity exrtractor overwrites numerical slots in a form

Following the codebase of the financial demo found here

I have edited the transfer_money_form with an additional OTP number (numerical), however, duckling captures the OTP and overwrites the amount-of-money slot as well.

Example: Person: Transfer 5000 to John (Bot sets slots amount-of-money: 5000 and PERSON: John) Bot: Please enter OTP Person: 1234 (Bot sets both amount-of-money and OTP slots to 1234) Bot: OTP correct. Transfered $1234 to John

This happens because both slots are filled with ‘number’ duckling entity.

How can we avoid this behaviour?

Hi @ma7555

You can control this behavior in the form definition by specifying conditions from which intent the slot should fill.

Hello @siriusraja

All intents are actually inform as the user can be asked about the amount and OTP in seperate questions in which he will reply:



Hi @ma7555

You should be able to achieve this by using Custom slot mappings

Please have a look at the above docs. Also share your form definition, slot names, custom action to understand your current set-up.