Don't print missing slots

It would be really nice if there was a way for Rasa to not print “None” for empty slots in utter templates.

This seems straight-forward enough. Is this a feature request or missing documentation?

Probably the quickest way to do this would be to set the initial value of the slots to be whatever you wanted it to be printed as. Link to the docs about setting the initial slot values -> Domain

Thanks. It’s a kludge, but could work for some use cases. one problem is you can no longer use the Pythonic pattern of testing None, but have to change your flow control to string compare (ie is/== “ “.) Anyone whose who’s reviewed php code would likely recognize this (dark) pattern.

TBH, it would be much better if Rasa didn’t print null values, which seems like a bug. That’s never something you want to show the user, but moreover is a category error. None isn’t a value, it’s the absence of a value.