Does Interactive Learning in Rasa X update the model in real-time?

I’m confused about how interactive learning works.

I’ve gone through a few rounds of interactive learning with my bot.

I noticed that the and files are updated with my conversations but the model file is not updated i.e. there aren’t any new models.

Am I suppose to manually run the training process to incorporate the new conversations into the model or are the new conversations actually incorporated into the existing model in real-time without changing the model’s name?

You’ll want to retrain after you’re satisfied with the amount of interactive learning you’ve done :slight_smile: the idea is that the models don’t change, they’re versioned, so that if something goes wrong, you can go back to the one that worked. If we were creating a new model every time something changed, that would be a lot of models! So just re-train one when you’re ready to test out the changes you’ve added to your training data.