Dispatcher - help needed to get messages in real time


I have a custom action which performs 3 steps When the custom action is invoked, i want to show user the completion of each step e.g.

u.log_n_utter(dispatcher, "Started")
<code for step 1>
u.log_n_utter(dispatcher, "Step1 Completed")
<code for step 2>
u.log_n_utter(dispatcher, "Step2 Completed")
<code for step 3>
u.log_n_utter(dispatcher, "Step3 Completed")
u.log_n_utter(dispatcher, "Finished Processing")

What happens in on Shell - I get all messages in the end together instead of getting them in real time / as and when they were sent to dispatcher. I know each step takes around 60 to 80 seconds to perform. so i would expect user to see messages coming one after another … instead of displaying everything in the end.

Please help I am new here.

Regards Akash

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Hi @akashbirari! Welcome to the forum :rocket: We unfortunately currently don’t support this, but have you thought about splitting your code into multiple custom actions?

Let me know if this helps!!

@kalkbrennerei In action file I am calling apis. Apis are taking time to run and return the results. I want to send update to user about what happening. So i want to send messages to user in between of custom action processing. Is there any way i can do. If yes then please suggest.